Seven things Dad didn’t know (before this morning)

I did have a nice shiny new post all ready to go today, but I’ll hold off, as events overtook me. (And I’ve heard these listicle things do well!)

Will of course get around to describing the whole palaver in a blow-by-blow way, but for now, here are seven things that I didn’t know before this morning:

1. There was a key in the lock of Mimi’s room.

2. She knew how to lock the door.

3. She didn’t know how to unlock it.

4. My vocabulary of swear words is VAST!

5. I am physically incapable of kicking in a door.

6. Locksmiths are expensive.

7. I can find myself in need of a stiff drink before 10am.

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  1. Andrew Sherlock
    October 21, 2016

    Just wait 15 years until she’s locked in there with a fella! Jaysus! Jut the thought would make you grey haired!

    • Dom
      November 11, 2016

      I promise he’ll find the strength to kick that door down.

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