Special moments in the life of a little girl deserve to be immortalised, though probably not like this.

What started as a fun way to update Amelia (Mimi)’s mum on how the day was going soon took on a life of its own – Mimi has quite the repertoire, you know.

So for all those friends and family who said they should be shared, here it is: Shameless exploitation of an unwitting child…. Mimi’s Memes.

Mimi's Memes #6 - The Bond Villain

We have the pleasure of bunny-sitting this little guy (his name is Juke, or possibly Duke) for the holiday season. Only problem being it seems to have brought out the evil genius in Mimi – she does a pretty good Blofeld impression for a three-year-old! The seasonal polo-neck certainly helps.

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GLOAT: It’s a tough auld life for a toddler, huh?

Seems only fitting to post this meme today, as the summer finally inches its way towards us.

Don’t think this meme ever got sent to Mimi’s mum, it might have been a gloat too...Read More »

Mimi's memes #4

Have a feeling I’ll be reusing this picture a bit.. First instinct was to put the opening line of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas across it. Might still do that, particularly as the sun hat and arched eyebrow give Mimi a very Hunter S Thompson look – I’m so...Read More »

Mimi's memes #3 - The quandry

I’ve had several different captions on this pic, but this one suits best.

Parenting, not just fatherhood, is all about doing everything you can for that one tiny person. Every breath you take, every waking moment is spent thinking of how you can make things better for them. And then that...Read More »

A girl like no udder..

Lovely family day out at @airfieldestate last week. Despite our fears, Mimi not in the least bothered by learning where her grub comes from, in fact she was happy to go direct to the source! Yum.
She’s a girl like no udder..

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Mimi's memes #2 - Monday motivation

For those of us who find ‘hang in there, kitty’ posters condescending and annoying (I can’t be the only one), I thought we could do with a new angleĀ in the motivational poster trope.

While we dream of facilitating our offspring’s attainment of their every dream, perhaps we should also foster more...Read More »

Mimi's meme #1

This is where it all began with the memes.

After a particularly unsettled night, I was dragging my exhausted form around after her and her poor sleep-deprived mum had somehow made it to work. Of course Mimi then decides to find the whole palaver simply hilarious – so I sent this...Read More »