GLOAT: It’s a tough auld life for a toddler, huh?

Seems only fitting to post this meme today, as the summer finally inches its way towards us.

Don’t think this meme ever got sent to Mimi’s mum, it might have been a gloat too far – I probably chickened out. And it probably only reinforces the idea that we SAHDs have a great old life, wandering off to the park all day. What it doesn’t show is the volcanic nappy that was produced on that walk. The one that had to be changed on a windowsill. In the seriously stinky park toilets while feral local youths banged on the door. Ah yeah, it’s all great craic, eh?

Anyhow, lesson being – we may tweet or Instagram a filtered shot or meme showing the ideal family situation. But chances are that out of shot the house is trashed, there’s poop on dad’s elbow, and he’s wondering how it’s STILL only 10am. Y’all have a great day now.


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