As a sometime artist myself, a painter of sorts, I’m totally fascinated with the way my little girl draws and paints. She makes marks with no hesitation, no expectation of results, and no qualms that the next mark might be the wrong thing to do – I envy that freedom. But to be honest, her stuff is a bit crap.

So as a sort of an artistic collaboration I decided that I would scan her artworks and see what I can make of them myself. I call this the ‘Dad-Vinci Project’, precociously enough, and the results will be posted here.

Might be fun, might be awful – let’s see.

DadVinci: A Scientologist's dream.

Been a while since I posted one of these, time is short because y’know – parenting!

This one took a bit of time and effort, and was waaaay too much fun to do.
From the carefree splashes and swirls of Mimi’s original painting I was able to discern a lanky alien,...Read More »


On reflection, the animated version of this didn’t work terribly well. It was too small onscreen to make out any details. So, here it is again, in a much more readable format. It’s also the only one I’ve done actually ON Mimi’s painting, usually I do them digitally, but this...Read More »

The Dad-Vinci Code - now with clumsy animation!

We’re close to cracking the code.. what do these hidden images in Mimi’s paintings mean?

And more importantly, what does it mean that I’m the one seeing them… Oh dear.

Thought the evolution from Mimi’s drawing to mine might look better...Read More »

Dad-Vinci #1

Sooo, might not show Mimi this one. It probably speaks volumes about my mind that all I could see in her joyous daubs was a scary-ass clown thing.

Hopefully the next ones will be more family friendly, or else this whole project could get a little dark!

...Read More »